18.) The Tocci Brothers

Giovanni Baptista and Giacomo Tocci, were the most celebrated pair of dicephalus conjoined twins of all time. The twins were born on October
4, 1877 in Locana, a small town in northern Italy. During the 1870's and
1880's, Segnor Tocci exhibited his sons throughout Europe, billed as
"The Greatest Wonder of Nature". The Tocci brothers came to America in
1891, billed as "The Two Headed Boy". They were an extra ordinary
example of conjoined twins and toured the world becoming one of the few
sideshow attractions to earn a thousand dollars a week. In 1897 they
retired near Venice, where they died in 1940 at the age of sixty-three.
This poster has been created from an 1880's cabinet card photograph by
Obermiller & Kern was sold by the Tocci Brothers, offset printed in full color with a dark maroon silk-screened border on heavy cover stock, 17" x 22".

Price: $20.00




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